Do you have a YouTube channel and a WordPress website? Yes? This plugin is for you.

The YouTube Captions For Posts plugin makes it super easy to use the captions from your YouTube video as the content of your WordPress blog post.

No more laborious copying and pasting captions from YouTube over to WordPress.

You copy the URL of your YouTube video into a custom field on your WordPress post and that’s it — go and grab a coffee, or just pop outside and breathe in the fresh morning air, feeling good.

The plugin will run every hour and process all of your posts for you.

If you set them as draft, they will get published automatically. So you can avoid having empty posts on your website.

Want those captions right now?

No worries — open the plugin settings and hit the button to grab the captions straight away. Mic drop.

Let the magic happen.

Using the power of the YouTube API v3, the YouTube Captions For Posts plugin will automatically import those brilliant captions you’ve made for your YouTube videos straight into your WordPress posts. Your website will be transformed, your posts will have unique* content and that’s got to be good for SEO.

*only the owner of a YouTube video can use the YouTube API v3 to grab the captions — so you can be certain that you’ll be the only one to gain these SEO-super-powers from your videos.


Yes, SEO — the magic that let’s people find your website when they Google, or Bing, or DuckDuckGo.

Embedding your YouTube videos in your posts is good, but search engines still prefer text over videos and images — so, the more relevant, unique text you’ve got on your website, the better.


Buy a single licence for your website for £40 and get:

  • access to support and updates for the next 12 months.
  • 2 activations — you can enable the plugin on your live website as well as your test website (because it’s always a good idea to test things).

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee — just tell us why you don’t want the plugin any more and we’ll refund your money — no hassle.

Do you need help with the plugin? Do you have any questions about it before you buy? Contact support and we’ll do our best to help you out.